Year 10 – 12 Master Classes Term 3 - Christ Church Grammar School


For year 10 to 12 students

Master Classes are one hour sessions conducted once a week in term time. Each week they reteach, revise and reinforce the topics and areas of study that students are dealing with in their classes at school.

Master Classes offer students:

  • Ongoing academic support
  • More confidence at school
  • A better chance of success in assessments
  • Individualised help solving specific problems
  • Small group classes

Year 10 Program

All the year 10 subjects will be preparing students for their November exams. However:

  • The English 10 classes will be tailored to students intending to embark on ATAR English 11 in 2024 while the English 10A program will be catering for students wishing to enrol into Literature 11 next year.
  • The Maths 10 sessions will be most suitable for students wishing to enrol into Maths Applications 11 in 2024 while the Maths 10A classes will be tailored for students intending to enrol into Maths Methods 11 and/or Maths Specialist 11 next year.


All students attending our programs report that they feel more confident in tackling their assessment at school. Some students find it very difficult to sustain an independent study program. These Master Classes offer them a structured way to comprehensively prepare for their exams.

Tuition Fees

$450 per subject for 9 hours of tuition over 9 weeks or a pro rata payment based on the number of sessions attended.

*Please note: A full refund is only paid where the scheduled Master Class clashes with a school event or a doctor's certificate is produced to verify illness


TERM 3: Saturday 20 July to Saturday 14 September, 2024

Choose one subject per time-slot
Venue: Christ Church Grammar School Campus, Claremont

Time: 12.30pm to 1.30pm

Economics Year 12, $450.00

Human Biology Year 12, $450.00

Physics Year 12, $450.00

Maths Specialist Year 11, $450.00

English Year 11, $450.00

Time: 1.30pm to 2.30pm

Chemistry Year 12, $450.00

Maths Applications Year 12, $450.00

Maths Methods Year 12, $450.00

Economics Year 11, $450.00

Human Biology Year 11, $450.00

Physics Year 11, $450.00

Time: 2.30pm to 3.30pm

Biology Year 12, $450.00

Chemistry Year 12, $450.00

Literature Year 12, $450.00

Maths Applications Year 12, $450.00

Literature Year 11, $450.00

Maths Methods Year 11, $450.00

English Year 10, $450.00

English Ext Year 10, $450.00

Time: 3.30pm to 4.30pm

Chemistry Year 12, $450.00

English Year 12, $450.00

Maths Specialist Year 12, $450.00

Maths Applications Year 11, $450.00

Maths Year 10, $450.00

Math Ext Year 10, $450.00

Time: 4.30pm to 5.30pm

English Year 12, $450.00

Chemistry Year 11, $450.00


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