Payment Policy

Full payment is due when the courses are booked unless a prior arrangement is made with Management. Enrolments and payments can be made by phone, mail, email and via our website. We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards only, EFT, cheque and money order.

Note that Master Mind Australia Education (MMA) does not apply fees to Visa and Mastercard payments.

If agreed to by MMA, part payments may be allowed. All payments must be finalised before the course concludes.

If a student is unable to attend a full course and, if arrangements are made at the time of booking, a pro rata charge may be applied to the course at MMA's discretion.

If you would like an official receipt of your payment please request this via email.

Cancellation and Variation to Course Policy

MMA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes if necessary. Every effort will be made to find a suitable alternative course or venue. In the event a class is cancelled, all students will be notified and full refunds will be provided.

Should a student need to cancel their enrolment before the course commences, a notice of two business days is required in order to receive a full refund. No refunds will be made in cash.

There are no refunds for withdrawals less than two business days before the course commences. However, such withdrawals may, at the discretion of Management, receive a credit. In such cases a credit will be held and recorded by MMA. This credit may be applied to attend a future MMA course.

There are no refunds for cancellations after the course has commenced. A partial credit may, at the discretion of Management, be provided.

Absences from weekly programs, such as Weekend Classes and Master Classes require an email notification two working days prior to the scheduled class in order to get a credit. A credit will only be provided for absences due to illness or an authorised school function which clashes with the scheduled class. In the case of sudden illness, credit will be provided if notification is received on the day, but before the class has commenced.

Any credits issued can be used as payment for MMA services. Credits are valid for the student's school life. If unused, they may be transferred to other family members or friends with prior approval from Master Mind Australia, otherwise they are forfeited when the student leaves school.

Credits are recorded on our database and are applied automatically when an enrolment is made in another course. If you would like a record of a credit please ask for email confirmation as it is not automatically sent to you.

Any request to vary course times, subjects or venues must be made in writing (email is acceptable) and needs to be approved by MMA's office (during office hours) prior to the change occurring. Verbal requests to teachers and supervisors will not be recognised and a fee may be incurred for unauthorised change of course.

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