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NAPLAN testing can be stressful for students and parents. Here is some information to help you understand the purpose of NAPLAN and how we can support your child.

What is NAPLAN?

NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy) is an annual assessment for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 which tests an individual’s proficiency with the skills associated with literacy and numeracy. It comprises four separate tests in the four areas of reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) and numeracy. NAPLAN is conducted in all Australian schools in the month of March.

NAPLAN testing is in the process of transitioning to an online platform. More information on how the test is conducted is available here.

What is the purpose of NAPLAN?

NAPLAN was designed by ACARA (Australian Curriculum and Assessment Reporting Authority) to measure students’ attainment of literacy and numeracy skills and knowledge that provide the critical foundation for future schooling and life-long learning.

NAPLAN provides governments, education authorities, schools and parents with nationally comparable data about the extent to which young Australians are meeting educational outcomes in the key areas of literacy and numeracy.

The results of these assessments are useful to governments and educators in formulating future policy initiatives, resource funding and curriculum development.

How does NAPLAN help parents and teachers?

The NAPLAN results identify those students who are struggling to achieve the appropriate standards and alert parents and teachers to the fact that these students may need extra support. The results also identify high performing students that would benefit from participation in an academic extension program.

For schools, the testing highlights the strengths and weaknesses of their teaching programs and provides the vital knowledge they need to shape future planning.

NAPLAN Preparation Course

NAPLAN preparation courses are an integral component of our January Jump-Start Program and our April Revision Classes that are delivered on the Christ Church Grammar School and Hale School campuses. In January students can enrol in six hours of Literacy preparation and a separate six-hour course in Numeracy. With the help of specialist teachers, students will participate in a series of skills enhancing strategies which will better prepare them for the commencement of the new term and the NAPLAN assessments in March.

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