ATAR Year 10 - 12 Master Class Revision Courses Perth


In these uncertain times, our Year 10 - 12 Master Classes deliver a structured tutoring program that offers students on-going educational support and consolidation of the concepts taught at school. These small-group tutorials for year 10 to year 12 students are delivered in term time.

Our experienced teachers are all subject specialists who have extensive marking experience. They have adapted their presentation to utilise the tools of online learning, so students can continue to receive the benefits of their expertise in a new format. Class sizes are also small in Master Classes, meaning that students have the maximum opportunity to interact with their teacher to better understand their subjects.

Teachers design their own materials to cater to the specific needs of students and provide comprehensive workbooks that explain how the syllabus content can be applied to construct successful responses to ATAR-style questions. They have all worked with MMA in other programs and have proven themselves to be outstanding educators.

These quality tutors are employed to ensure that the materials delivered are relevant to the student’s specific needs and presented in a manner that maximises their understanding of the subject. Such an approach empowers the student, giving them the confidence to tackle their assessments and achieve their academic goals. In addition, these same teachers can be engaged as private tutors for students seeking home tutoring.

Our Master Classes also have a focus on exam and ATAR-style questions and provide strategies on how to prepare for assessments in order to achieve the best results.

Our programs are proven to be effective in giving students the skills and confidence to tackle assignments and better prepare them for success in exams. The program feedback from students suggests that our courses, which cover a range of ATAR subjects, including Maths, English, Science and more, are a successful way of preparing students for the new term and the assessments that follow.

One of the most frequently asked questions is: How can students be assured that what they have learnt at school will be addressed in the Master Class tutorials? This is an important question because parents and students know that educators can commence their teaching with a number of topics included in the syllabus.

Master Mind Australia solves this problem by sending out a questionnaire to all families participating in the tutorials, before the classes begin, to find out exactly what topics and texts students have been studying. This information is forwarded to our teachers so that they can include it in their programs. This is the same strategy we employ for our School Holiday Programs.

This questionnaire also asks families to alert us of any specific weaknesses in the student’s knowledge that may have been identified by the school or the student so that specific topic areas can be re-taught and revised by our experienced tutors.

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