Get Prepared for OLNA in 2020

04 January 2020
Get Prepared for OLNA in 2020

The OLNA (Online Literary and Numeracy Assessment) is a test that identifies whether a student is meeting the minimum standard of literacy and numeracy needed to navigate the demands of everyday life and work in a knowledge-based economy. Meeting the OLNA requirements is also necessary to graduate high school.

If you did not achieve Band 8 or higher in reading, writing and/or numeracy in the Year 9 NAPLAN test, you will need to complete the corresponding OLNA module(s).

The OLNA assessment can be taken by students online in Term 1 of 2020 (3-5 March for writing and 3-27 March for Reading and Numeracy).  Visit the SCSA website for instructions on how to access examples of tests.

However, you may also benefit from some intensive preparation with a skilled teacher who knows exactly what the assessment requires.  Our OLNA program at Hale School from 16-18 January provides an excellent opportunity for this sort of intensive preparation.  To enrol, follow this link to our registration page.

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