Have you looked at the SCSA Year 12 Handbook Yet?

25 January 2020
Have you looked at the SCSA Year 12 Handbook Yet?

SCSA (School Curriculum and Standards Authority) is the organisation that administers the WA curriculum, including the WACE and ATAR processes.  They publish two very useful handbooks for Year 12 students, with all sorts of information about how Year 12 assessments will work.  The first is now available, while the second will be published mid-year.

There is lots of useful information in the booklet, such as:

  • Key dates for the year
  • Systems you can log into to monitor your progress toward graduation
  • An explanation of the moderation process that affect your marks
  • Tips on preparing for success in Year 12
  • What you are allowed to take into exams
  • A range of other information that you may need to know in certain circumstances

If your school has not given you a copy of the handbook, make sure you take a look, note down the information that is relevant for you, and use this as a resource to check key dates and issues concerning your courses!

Also, if you are seeking ongoing support for your studies through Term 1, enrollments are open for our Master Classes. These are weekly revision sessions to enhance and consolidate what you are learning at school during the term.  You can find out more about these classes and enrol online via the links below.

Year 11-12 Master Classes

Year 7-10 Master Classes

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